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We connected with Attack Today through a referral from a friend of Alec's who asked if we wanted to shoot a video for an athletic trainer, and of course, he said yes. After filming the first video for him, I have since gone on to shoot, edit, and produce almost 10 more videos.


I created a trusting relationship with Derrick as he gives me full creative freedom to attempt new ideas and create content for his brand. One of the videos that I made for Attack Today was his launch video where he announced that he was going to be training athletes. Since posting these videos for his Instagram he has gathered a loyal client base from high school athletes to professionals with help from Alec's promotional videos.

When Alec shoots the training videos it is a very high action scenario so the camera is always rolling. Most of the time he is running around with the athletes trying to get the best angles to achieve the best shots. At times he is getting the same intense workout as they are getting. The overall goal with his videos for Attack Today is to grab the attention of potential athletes and make them want to train with Derrick. As for the editing style and cuts he tries to get as many angles during the actual shoot as possible so that I can keep my creative options open when editing. He generally likes to choose relatively fast songs so quick cuts can be made to keep the viewer's attention.


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